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About JMY?

JMY is a group of professionals and experts working together as a one stop shop to help budding entrepreneurs, and established businesses reach their goals, be compliant, become more profitable while receiving honest assessments and build long lasting relationships.  We have several offices in Toronto, with our headquarters located in Bay Streets’ Financial District.  We have small satellite offices in other countries. 

JMY’s  team takes its vast knowledge of industry issues, regulations, and market dynamics to provide tailored guidance to clients, both large and small. We deliver specialized services and solutions that are relevant, adaptable, and sustainable.  JMY has staff in Canada, UK, USA, Spain and Ireland.  We have extensive experience working in the Americas, Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Caribbean.


JMY Advisors are not recent grads like in the big 4. Our Advisory have decades of experience actually building and managing start ups, and working real life problems in mid to large companies.  At JMY, we understand the real pain and problems management and owners go through. Whether its starts up trying to cover payroll or large unionized companies navigating an ever cumbersome business environment, JMYs advisory have been there and can help you every step of the way.

Some specific areas of expertise: manufacturing, selling to big box stores, unions, shipping, start up, grants, selling to governments, investments, hostile take overs, turn arounds, distribution, energy storage, green tech, printing, real estate, construction, healthcare and medical schools.

If you are tired of the big 4 sending you consultants fresh out of college billing you for the obvious and writing reports, use JMY, we don’t bill for the obvious and we don’t waste time writing long reports, act as an extension of your staff, get things done that need to be done, and we condense information into actional data for you to make the best decisions possible.

Some of the expertise you will find at JMY are MBAs, CPAs, ACCA, ITIL, LLB,, PhD Chemistry, CISSP, CISM.

Contact us, we would be happy to hear from you and see how we can be of help.


JMY is a leading Canadian firm offering a unique combination of accounting, business advisory, and cyber security services. Our team of experienced professionals, including CPAs and MBAs, provide a wide range of expertise to help businesses of all sizes succeed.
At JMY, we understand the challenges that business owners face, having built successful companies of our own. We bring our real-world experience to every client engagement, providing practical solutions and sound advice to help you achieve your goals.

Our accounting services include financial statement preparation, bookkeeping, and tax planning and compliance. Our business advisory services cover everything from strategic planning and performance improvement to mergers and acquisitions and business valuation.
With cyber threats becoming more prevalent, we also offer comprehensive cyber security services to help protect your business from cyber attacks. Our team of experts can help you assess your risk, implement security controls, and respond to incidents quickly and effectively.
At JMY, we are committed to delivering high-quality, personalized service to our clients. We take the time to understand your business and develop customized solutions to help you achieve success. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business thrive.

JMY has extensive experience working in the Canadian, American and UK markets. We are collection of experience executives, business owners, and retired business owners with expertise in manufacturing, start ups, IT, Cybersecurity, Tax, healthcare, education, logistics and construction industry in the Canadian, American, UK, Caribbean and West and South African Markets.

All our expert has at least 10 years real world experience in addition to educational training and certifications. Some are retired, have built companies that were unionized, construction both residential and commercial properties in Toronto, other run medical schools and a hospital in the USA. One of our Advisors work as high-level executive for global shipping company Omar and Norwegian oil and gas company. We have others that sold to big box stores, like Kmart, Canadian Tire and Homedepot. One of our Cyber Security experts even worked with the FBI conducting IT forensics on a high-profile international investigation. In short, we are collection of varied, capable, cut thru the crap get it done, personalities that like making things better. We look forward to helping you.

Your Accounting & Business Advisory Expert