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Healthcare Helping organizations build effective strategies for success with limited resources.
JMY clients include a hospital in the USA, and staffing agencies here in Toronto helping with staffing needs at LTC facilities. We all know todays challenges facing the healthcare. JMY can help healthcare organizations face challenges in meeting their primary goals and objectives, with limited resources and complex regulatory requirements. Put simply, service demands continue to grow while access to funding diminishes. This sector, which remains critical for communities , has not escaped the pressure to be innovative in both operations and service delivery. JMY can help your organization lowers its cost thru efficiency, value for money assessments, finding process that create additional available beds without adding cost or lowering service delivery quality. JMY advises healthcare and education clients on the best ways to utilize resources while adapting to changes in regulatory and funding models. Our extensive knowledge of best processes matters and commitment to this sector means that we are able to proactively respond to emerging key issues, including: